Amalie, Founder of Holisticated

Amalie, Founder of Holisticated

WANT TO KNOW WHERE and HOW this amazing self-love filled life, with radical radiance from within starts??



Self-care is more than a facial and taking hot bath once in a while. It’s how we learn more about ourselves. It’s how we choose to take care of ourselves by asking ourselves what our needs are in the first place. We can best take care of ourselves by choosing healthy choices for our bodies, mind and spirit. But first we must be willing to to ask ourselves the big questions (and answer them 100% honestly). Once we know what we need to feel our best, we can start respecting those needs and feel so empowered by that!

Get out a pen and paper and answer these questions for yourself.

Find the right pace for yourself.  Don't push yourself too hard and end up feeling overwhelmed or lost in a mental labyrinth.

Find a quiet, cozy space if you can.  Quiet especially lends itself to deep, even life-changing, answers.  But if you feel more comfortable in a busy coffee shop, that's okay too.

Let yourself relax.  Maybe you'd like to stretch for a few moments or take a few deep breaths and then ask yourself one of the following questions.

  1. What do I need to be more at peace with myself?

  2. What fulfills me?

  3. What matters to me most?

  4. What are my most important values and how am I living in ways that are not aligned with my values?

  5. What are my most important needs and desires?  Does my present life fulfill them?

  6. What drains my energy? How can I remove it from my life or protect myself from its negative effect? (This could be people or things!)

Just start with these. And please remember, NOTHING ABOUT YOU, or the answers you come up with to these questions is wrong or bad. You are a gift. You are literally a one in a trillion miracle. You deserve to be here and live your best life.

From now on, once you have the answers to these questions, NEVER DISREGARD or belittle your needs over the needs of others. This can be the hardest part of the whole journey. I know for me it was extremely hard to start honoring my deep truths, but once I started to do it, my self-esteem just grew and grew.

Check back on them as often as you need to, at least once per week, to keep yourself acquainted with them and truly honor them.

And in those moments that you may have chosen not to respect your needs, always remember that we are all human. And although we may not always make the best decision for our well-being, we always have the power to release the blame or guilt we place on ourselves, and to remember our strength instead. Remember you always have the power to let go of that negative thought pattern.

“Perfection is the lowest standard you can set for yourself.

Instead just remember:

You are beautiful.

You are kind.

You are lovely.

You are worth it.

You are strong.

You are amazing.

You are one of a kind.”



Amalie Riveraselflove