How to achieve Happiness through a Holistic Lifestyle

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How to achieve Happiness through a Holistic Lifestyle

STEP ONE: Think of Your “Happiness” in terms of a recipe for happiness, just for TODAY.

What ingredients would you need to create a happy, fulfilled YOU at the end of today?

When I asked myself this question, I had an overwhelming amount of anxiety at first.. Like, idk.. There’s so many things that could make me feel happy and/or fulfilled! A good conversation with a stranger, having an awesome yoga and meditation session, going out for dinner with my boyfriend, catching up over the phone with my sisters, watching an amazing sunset, reading a good book, and so many more things that I couldn’t possibly ever expect to fit into a single day. Then, I realized that all I had to think about was today. Not tomorrow and all the rest of my life. Ask yourself, “what activities or events would fulfill you TODAY?”. This makes the whole happiness thing seem way less daunting.


Often times, we think, “I want to be HAPPY”, that’s what I want in life. But, well.. don’t we all?! When Bob Marley’s, “Don’t worry, be happy” comes on I’m always smiling and singing along, but at the same time I’m thinking.. “Uhh..I wish it was that simple!! “

Life is complex, and everyone wants to be happy, but happiness looks differently for each and every one of us.

Let’s make life simpler! By taking it day to day, examining what our core values are beyond just “being happy”, we can find our own personal recipe for happiness.

For some, you may like the feeling of achievement: having put your effort into finishing something successfully, whether it be a good workout that helps you gain muscle, or lose weight, or finishing a personal or work related project. For others you may feel like the feeling of having touched someone’s life around you, feeling connected: calling a friend that needed to hear some advice, having a conversation with a stranger that gave them a new perspective, giving your time to volunteer or to help other’s in some way may be vital to you. For others you may need the feeling of nourishing your mind, growing in knowledge, experiences, observing and taking the time to digest new information, getting to analyze something and come to your own conclusions. For others it may be stability, feeling emotional, financial, or other kinds of stability may be vital to you.

Maybe it’s none of these things, maybe a combination of some. 

Find out what a fulfilling day for you is made of, and write down a list of all the things you can do to end your day with a sense of living true to your values. 

GO on, write down at least 20. And remember, these are things that fulfill you in some way; not like downing an oreo milk shake because it was just so damn tasty, and then feeling guilty afterwards that you spoiled your appetite for an actual dinner.

Here’s what I came up with.

I know after years of getting to know myself,  all those things I mentioned at the beginning could be narrowed down into three things:

  1. Taking care of my body

  2. Expanding my mind, and

  3. Nourishing my Spirit

For example, I know that if I do a morning meditation(spirit & mind), I began my day with a fresh, clean slate. When I meditate in the morning, I sit with myself and become aware of the moment, feeling an immense gratitude for my life, and becoming more grounded in my core. At the end of a meditation or yoga session I feel energized (body) and ready to take on my day and any challenges coming my way. Got all three, wee!

I also know that if I eat healthy, whole foods (body), read or watch something insightful (mind) and write something (spirit)- whether it’s for my blog, my personal poetry, or something else- I feel amazing. I can go to sleep at night peacefully, with a smile on my face, and knowing I made the most of my time. These are a few things I know I can keep up with consistently to make the most out of my days, and to keep becoming my best self in terms of Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

STEP 3: Okay I’m just gonna steal this line from Nike y’all.. JUST DO IT! (aka just stop procrastinating on all these little things that makes you happy!)

I know. Sometimes you are just really not in the mood to sit in silence for 20 minutes, and sometimes you can’t even think about reading that book on your desk when you’d way rather Netflix ‘n chill (aka watch the newest season of Stranger Things). But this is the make or break point. So what needs to happen, (at least in my case it does) is accountability.

STEP 4: Create accountability.

Find a friend or partner to do the things your least likely to follow through with. Because if you know that tomorrow they are going to ask you about it and expect you to be on the same page as them, you bet that’s gonna motivate you. (Btw, for this to work you can’t pick that lazy friend either- the one that will say “oh it’s okay, I didn’t do it either.” Or if it’s exercise, maybe ask someone at work if they want to do a hike with you every Saturday. That way there’s no baling out! And it’s way more fun. I would definitely feel a little weird hiking alone.

Achieving happiness through a holistic lifestyle is all about taking it slow and steady. Day by day. Be patient with yourself if you get a little off track sometimes. And just know if your having any trouble, you probably need to add in a little more accountability.

When there’s accountability, there is way better chance of forming and maintaining these habits for good.

I hope this has inspired you to look at what kind of ingredients you are currently making part of your day to day, and ask yourself, are these the ingredients that are making me happy? Are these the things that are fulfilling my core values and needs?

There are so many things you can do (or already do) that you can add into your own personal recipe book of success. Take happiness day by day by writing them all down, getting some friends in on the action, and getting to it!

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Amalie Rivera